Little Sparrows

We are so excited to be introducing newborn sessions as a service for our clients! Capturing your precious new baby is a joy and a privilege. Your little sparrow will grow so fast! Let us capture the moments that will too quickly become memories.

As  photographers, we understand the delicacy, time, and sensitivity that it takes to capture your little sparrow. In order to best serve our clients, we like to combine a mix of both traditional newborn photography and lifestyle newborn photography at your session:

  1. Traditional Newborn Photography: This type of newborn photography focuses on capturing the details of you sweet little newborn, and usually involves capturing them while they are asleep. Props are used to create ‘scenes’ for your newborn to be captured in. These scenes may include baskets with cuddly blankets, a baseball hat or mit for him or her to lay in, a little red wagon, or any other scene that you can dream up. This type of newborn photography is a darling way to capture your newborn.
  2. Lifestyle Newborn Photography: This type of newborn photography focuses on capturing your little one in his or her ‘natural’ environment. These environments might include their room, their crib, Mommy and Daddy’s bed, Mommy and Daddy’s arms, or another favorite spot in your home. This type of newborn photography is a wonderful way to capture your newborn, and include you and any of your other children in these precious memories.

We find that it is best to capture your little sparrow during his or her very first week of life. This is generally the period of time when babies sleep the most, and are the most cooperative for their photoshoot. If you would like to book a newborn session with us, just let us know when you due date is and keep us informed during your pregnancy of your progress! When you little sparrow is born, let us know and we will schedule a time within the week to come and capture your newborn. We count it a true joy and privilege to be let into your home during such a sacred time in your life, and we will do everything we can to make the session as relaxed and as stress free as possible.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns you might have, and to schedule your maternity or newborn session!